F51 - Climbing Wall Development

F51 - Climbing Wall Development


Climbing is more than using your hands and feet (and any other part of your body) to scale heights. It is great for your body and mind. The sport is booming in recent years and more and more people are seeing the physical, mental, and social benefits of climbing.


With climbing to debut at (the COVID postponed) Tokyo 2020 Olympics there has never been a better time to get involved in climbing.

F51 is going to be the tallest climbing venue in the South East with 15m high lead walls and over 350 sqm of climbing surface. The main wall includes 15 climbing lines and over 30 graded routes with vertical, slab and steep overhang roof sections. It also includes 2 dedicated speed climbing walls with auto belays and speed timers to test speed and endurance. There is also a dedicated boulder area with over 230 sqm of surface to tackle graded routes and blocs up to 4m high. There will be something for every age and level of climber to tackle.

We Like Today adding the finish touch colour way to make the F51 facility stand out even more!


Climbing Wall

A 15m climbing wall may sound daunting to the beginner / novice climber who has never put on a harness or climbed anything other than the stairs but at F51 there will be routes for everyone. Graded routes using some of the 3000 holds supplied ensure there is something achievable for all abilities. All that is required, is the spirit to try.


Speed climbing will, eventually, get its debut at the Tokyo Olympics and visitors to the F51 climbing facility will be able to get a taste of what its like to compete. Although it is not an official International Federation Speed Climbing wall it will utilize Head Rush Tech Speed Auto belay units and have a speed timer to record each ascent. With Paris 2024 just around the corner and over the ‘pond’ the facility is well equipped to train the next generation of Olympian climbers.

Bouldering Wall

A dedicated bouldering area completes the climbing experience at F51. With bold multifaceted surfaces with varying angles and features the boulder area is where a climber crafts their physical and mental dexterity panning each move to top the route. Routes which will include all manner of moves from dynamic jumps to compressive all-points awkward body positions.


With over 230 sqm of surface and a multitude of routes and blocs to tackle this will be a vibrant social hub for climbers. There is also training area included within the bouldering space which will include hangboards and campus rungs for those conditioning finger strength.


Also set for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics bouldering has seen massive growth over the last 10 years. No ropes. No harnesses. Just show up. Warm up. Climb.