Worlds Naked Bike Ride


The 7th annual Folkestone WNBR

Meet at the normal time of 1pm ride at 2pm 

Planned start Location:

Meet on the Green at Shearway Rd CT194RH, there will be body painting & live music,

Rest point 30-45 minutes on the Leas at the end of Earls Ave.

Ending at the lower Leas beach with a skinny dip & swim with live music & an ice cream van.

Please note the route is subject to change even on the day if needs be also, note because of the layout of Folkestone the Start and Finnish will NOT be at the same point the route is all planned out on the flat with only 1 hill to go down close to the end, it's not a race & we cycle at a comfortable pace.

Do NOT leave your clothes at the start point & do NOT give them to someone else to look after take & keep them with you.

NO need to signup or register for the ride, just join in on the day.

If you need somewhere for the night then the premier inn at Cherry Garden Ln CT194AW is very close to the start area.

Under 16's must be accompanied by a parent/guardian & remain clothed for their own safety.

"Please note - ALL participants will be riding bikes. No skaters, No runners, Bikes only!" 

and NO face masks are to be worn.

NO Hoverboards as they are illegal to ride in public!

No pets on the ride.

Each year we will aim to plant a tree at the Folkestone WNBR.
Terms and Conditions

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