Faces of Folkestone : Thomson Family


Clayton and Sophie Thomson from Butty's in Folkestone share what Folkestone means to them, the most unusual sandwich request that they have had to date, as well as their favourite picnic spot in Folkestone to enjoy a Butty's sandwich in the sunshine! 


MF: Can you sum up in three words what Folkestone means to you?


BF: Family, Art, Community 


MF: How did Butty's come to be the no 1 sandwich shop in town?


BF: We've worked hard to listen to what our customers need, making sure to adapt and change with the times, incorporating fresh new ideas as well as being true to our brand of a family run business. We pride ourselves on using local products and businesses and making sure all of our ingredients are fresh. 


MF: What is Butty's best-selling sandwich?


BF: That's a tough one! It would have to be one of our Buttys Specials - the New York Deli, available on a variety of freshly baked homemade breads, including Gluten Free and Vegan options.


MF: What is the most unusual combination you have ever been asked to make in a sandwich?


BF: Our best one to date is a classic!! A customer came in and asked for two slices of lemon cake. (seems normal right?) Well, they then proceeded to ask us to use the lemon cake as a substitute for bread and asked for bacon to be sandwiched in the middle of it (a little unusual right?). Well at Buttys, you ask for it, we make it! We don't judge.


MF: How are you operating differently to provide a safe service to your customers?


BF: We currently have a take-away service, ensuring social distancing, both for staff and customers. We advise to use contactless payments as much as possible, with sanitising products available. We are doing as much as we can to keep up to date with the COVID-19 Government Guidelines. 


MF: Any plans for new additions/developments to the menu that we should be aware of?


BF: Our menus are always changing. We have weekly specials that can be found on our Facebook page (@buttysfolkestone) but we are always open to new ideas and developments, keeping in mind to include everyone, from Vegans to Gluten Free. 


MF: Where are your favourite picnic spots in Folkestone to enjoy a Butty's sandwich?


BF: As we all know at the moment, we are still recommending people to stay home as much as possible. With that in mind, if you are looking to use your free time for a picnic, adhering to social distancing of course, it would have to be The Leas. Not too far from us either ;) 


MF: What other local businesses do you rate in Folkestone?


BF: We rate all local businesses in Folkestone as we know, as much as anyone, that it can be hard work sometimes so we like to support local as much as possible. We work closely with businesses on Bouverie Rd West. Naming only a few, we use Watson & Neil for our meat and The Bouverie Tap for our end of week drink. 


MF: What are your favourite foodie places in Folkestone?


BF: The Bouverie Tap has to be a family favourite. With Fish and chip Fridays, homemade pies, Steak Thursdays - what more could you want!! All being washed down with local Ales and Beer. Lush.


MF: What do you think MyFolkestone brings to the community?


BF: It's another modern way of everyone being connected. It’s a platform that everyone local can get behind, no matter what your business. It also helps people realise that there are good local businesses out there for everyone to enjoy, because who wants to be mainstream anyway?